SSA Claims Both Top Spots for Quiznos

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (October 4, 2010) - In a show of force for Systems Services of America, two of the company’s distribution centers took the top awards for Quiznos' Distribution Centers of the Year at Quiznos' annual awards held Sept. 18 in Austin, Tex.

Each year, 15 distribution centers representing various vendors servicing more than 3,200 Quiznos locations vie for the honor of being the two best locations as judged by a rating system covering regularly tracked performance areas like on-time deliveries, product reliability, accurate invoices and customer service.

SSA's Phoenix and Los Alamitos divisions claimed the top prizes for their performance.

“These awards signal a major validation in our operations and customer initiatives,” said SSA President Tim Holland. “To have both of the top spots taken by SSA Distribution Centers says volumes about our people and our processes.”

Holland said the win for the Phoenix Division was particularly satisfying.

“Phoenix ranked number 13 out of 15 for Quiznos distribution centers when it began servicing the customer in 2008,” he said. "Under the leadership of General Manager Karl Bachmann, the Phoenix senior management team has done a complete turnaround- soaring to first place in less than two short years."

"At the other end of the spectrum is the Los Alamitos Division, led by General Manager Rick Toneck, which has consistently performed in the top five distribution centers since beginning to serve Quiznos in 2008," said Holland. "Rick's team of Associates has consistently posted impressive numbers and results, so it was just a matter of time before they would capture this top award."

SSA and Quiznos representativesThese awards would not be possible without the teamwork of our Corporate Associates that work daily to support the Quiznos units and Distribution Centers, states Jeff Jeppesen; Sr. V.P. of Sales and Purchasing. In particular the account management team of Deborah Wolcott and Luzmaria Cervantes. "These two Associates do a marvelous job of directing communication to more than 500 Quiznos day in and day out," states Jeppesen. Also the efforts of Melinda Miller of the Purchasing department and Denise Lee of the Accounts Receivables department make strong contributions to the success of the account as well. Purchasing makes sure that the 250 or so items that Quiznos needs to operate are available at the right inventory levels. Accounts Receivables closes the process by ensuring that we have collected the money. (Photo, left to right: Curt Bourg, Sr. VP; AFD/Quizno’s; Jeff Jeppesen, Sr. VP; SSA Corporate; Deborah Wolcott, National Accounts Manager, SSA Corporate; Rick Toneck, GM, SSA Los Alamitos Division; Karl Bachmann, GM, SSA Phoenix Division; Melinda Miller, Buyer, SSA Corporate; Bob Bradley, GM, SSA Milpitas Division.)

The awards to Phoenix and Los Alamitos add to the honors captured by the Milpitas Division, a two-time recipient having won in 2007 and 2008. Now three SSA divisions have received the top award, a statement to SSA's commitment to excellence which should not be lost on this important customer.

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