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SSA is a Great Place to Work

Professional Development: “Systems Services of America invests in the success of its employees. There are not a lot of companies out there right now that are willing to take the time and/or money to build from within, SSA does. It’s exciting to work for a company that is aggressively committed to being a partner in the success of its Associates." 

- Dan, Swing Lead-Selection


Training: “My initial training was excellent.  The corporate trainer was sent in to work exclusively with me, and that was a tremendous help.  The training from my supervisor going forward has also been excellent.  I feel that I can go to her at any time and have always been assisted.  If she is not available, I have been able to go to any of my co-workers and they have assisted as well.” 

- Karen, Buyer

Customer Service:
“My previous experience in the food industry as a customer to some of our competitors makes me appreciate the opportunity of working for SSA even more. At SSA we go that extra mile to ensure that we meet our customer expectations.  Keeping in mind that even the smallest steps we take to satisfy our customers make a great difference.”

    - Laura, Warehouse Clerk


Teamwork: “How refreshing to work with a company, who really stands behind what they say. Bringing on new business showed me firsthand how we work as a team, how we communicate with external and internal customers, how we expect and deliver excellence, and have fun while doing this!  I've worked in the food industry for many years, and finally can say I feel like I'm home.”

 - Pamela, National Accounts Specialist


Safety: “As part of the safety committee here at SSA Northern California, it excites me to be part of a distribution center that has reached safety milestones, such as one year injury free with our warehouse, one year injury free with our transportation, and closing in on one year vehicle accident free!”

 - Rich, Inventory Control Accountant

Opportunities: “There are so many projects I’ve worked on since I’ve been at SSA and to me they are all exciting because each one has been different.  What is neat about SSA is that there is a great support system to help you along the way when you’re working on a new and challenging project.  There are some extremely bright people who I’ve been fortunate enough to work with on some tough projects, and the lessons I’ve taken away from working with them have proven to be invaluable.”

 - Ryan, National Accounts Manager.

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